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This Smartly devised innovative utility focus on the basic need to effectively merge NSF into consolidated single file via interactive intuitive designed GUI, provided for both novice and computer user to easily manage conversion process.

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Explore the excellent optimum NSF Merge tool solution for best results.

Key Features at a glance

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  • The NSF Merge tool lets you combine NSF database files of IBM Lotus Notes in a complete safe mode without causing any alteration. With no maximum limit you can add any number of NSF files and merge them into a single file in just no time.
  • All new Join NSF option lets you join NSF database files by creating new folder for each selected NSF database file.
  • With Merge NSF option you can merge all folders of selected NSF database files in a new NSF database file.
  • Merge Contacts feature merge only contacts of selected NSF database files into a new NSF database file.

Scan most prominent features of NSF Merge:

Effectively Instant

Effectively Instant: An effective merging action can be accomplished with this tool as it performs complete safe merging action of selected NSF database files into a single file. Without causing any damage or alteration to the original selected NSF files as the selected NSF files remains intact making it to be more reliable.

Swift Merge Process

Swift Merge Process: Quick to merge your multiple NSF files in just no time makes the NSF Merge tool to be a truly effective utility. In addition you can select multiple files at a time with no file limitation in this tool.

Perform Auto-Search

Perform Auto-Search: This software Indispensable auto-search feature enables users to search NSF database files in an automation mode from the system. This feature works well and users only need to provide the hard drive name where the NSF files are stored.

Features Multiple Merging Options

Features Multiple Merging Options: The software merge NSF database files in multiple ways such as: Join NSF Merge Contacts and Merge NSF. With this you can even remove duplicates, along with excluding the All Documents and Trash folders from new output NSF file.

Simplified Interface

Simplified Interface: This tool is basically not limited to any technical expertise prior to its usage as the interactive easy to understand software interface of this tool makes it an easy-to-use application for utmost ease.

Runs on multiple OS and Major IBM Notes

Runs on multiple OS and Major IBM Notes: Software is evenly compatible with all Widows operating systems and offers higher support for all major versions of IBM Notes up to latest v9.

Features Independent Saving

Features Independent Saving: The tool facilitates the users to save the output NSF database files at user-specific location with a complete new name as provided by the users.

Log Display before Action

Log Display before Action: Prior to beginning of NSF database files merge process this tool displays vital information via a log detail to examine the selection made earlier.

Procedural Steps For NSF Merge

Download Demo version

Consider and find out the features and functionalities of the software with the demo version of NSF Merge tool by downloading it for FREE to properly evaluate its performance and speed. Demo version of the software come with one limitation as you will be limited to merge only 25 email items of each folder per selected NSF database files. To leverage on the full features of the software and examine software capability and speed, you can purchase the licensed version of the software.

Download Free Version

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Client's Review

Got to thank you for how well your software performed and resolved my urgent need for a genuine NSF Merge product that could combine NSF database files of IBM Lotus Notes into a new NSF file with no data loss at all. With a valuable feature in this software that allows me to merge with no maximum limit I can add any number of NSF files and merge them into a single file in just no time.


I want to thank you for the AMAZING, WONDERFUL NSF Merge software. Besides doing the regular merge process I can even eliminate duplicate mailbox items from the selected NSF database files. With other efficient functions clubbed with simplified interface makes this product truly indispensable for merging NSF database files into a consolidated one.


I just bought your software and I had no proper idea about one of the functions about the Log file creation in the software. So I consulted online with the customer support that was polite enough to connect me with online tech support team. I was surprised to have my doubts and questions to be resolved instantly. Thanks the tech support team is quite supportive.


It successfully accessed, and merged NSF database files information. The software product was efficient enough to merge the files in complete safe and quick way. I think it’s a must buy product for overall need of a safe NSF combination to be completed in a jiffy. Thanks to the entire developments team behind creation of this wonderful product.