Unable to Open Emails Due To Lotus Notes Database File Size Limit Exceeds Error

Many IT Firms and business organizations communicate through email applications like Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Gmail etc. Lotus Notes is one such email client which is in demand for its security amenities. It provides server-based applications that can be used for business collaboration functions and document management. An employee uses IBM Notes to send and receive emails daily and in large amount which apparently due to which Lotus Notes database file size limit exceeds. Hence users are unable to open their emails. Then they look for a way out to curb this situation and restore Lotus Notes database. There are easier ways to increase mailbox space in IBM Notes. Some of the feasible steps and techniques have been described here.

Read the complete segment to control Lotus Notes NSF file size limit.

Error messages when Lotus Notes database file size limit

Below highlighted error message encounter when the Lotus Notes mail quota exceeded basically when a user crosses the maximum threshold limit of saving NSF file. NSF file becomes unable to open and save but can send and receive the email.

Lotus Notes file

This message indicates that Database NSF has grown too large use compact it gives an opportunity to handle the database size by reducing its size Lotus Notes can have enough space to record it. In case, the users ignore this initial warning, then it displays the following message:

Limit exceeds


Easy Fixing Hacks to Manage Lotus Notes Database Size Limit 8.5

There are several ways to handle Lotus Notes NSF file limit which are easy to execute. We have tried to through some light on them so that users will get to know a different and useful approach to protect their data insertion.

  • Remove useless emails: The first thing the non-tech user can do is a deletion of unwanted emails that keep on consuming the allocated space and do not allow valid emails to be saved. Once such emails are deleted then the left space is available for the required and valid emails.
  • Detaching the Attachments: If a user is getting an email with heavy attachments then he can download and save them to their hard drive. After that, delete the email along with attachment to free some space.
  • Change the default settings of Lotus Notes: Generally, Sent messages get stored in the mailbox. Until and unless a message is not important don’t save. Ironically it covers the Lotus Notes NSF file size limit
  • Archiving NSF Database: Those emails which are not often required but can be needed in future as it contains some crucial information. However, from a technical aspect, it is mandatory to keep the database archive.
  • Eliminate Old Calendar Entries: The removal of old entries creates fresh space for including the upcoming events. Marking the new events without discarding the older ones will lead to the Lotus Notes database file size limit error
  • Keep Important Emails: Only keep the crucial mailbox data that are needed for business communication. Delete the rest of the items
  • Compress NSF Database: Once you cover up all above mentioned easy hacks then one need to compact the Lotus Notes database. To do so, there are two solutions applicable to resolve the issue of Lotus Notes NSF file size limit and they are enlisted here:


Step1:- Launch Lotus Notes

Step2:- Click on file Option

Step3:- Select database

Step4:- Go to properties- A new database properties box will appear then and there

Step5:- Click Information tab and Press Compact button



Step1:- Click on server / Program in the Domino server directory and Select Configuration Folder

Step2:- Select ADD Program button

Step3:- Fill up the program details and document as shown in the given image

Step4:- Click on Save and Close button, now let it update the changes and then close it.


A smart approach to manage Lotus Notes database file size limit

You have two options either try above mentioned manual methods to compact NSF file or switch to an easy, smart and flexible method and that is using NSF Split Software. Many times these manual methods won’t work in extreme cases so better to not waste time and energy and try to go for the automated solution that allows you to manage Lotus Notes mail quota exceeded problem. Let us take a look why it is advisable to use NSF file splitter software?

NSF Security Remover


NSF Split

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One should put into practice what they have to permanently delete emails from their accounts, which are not compulsory for them. With the help of the suggested methods, Notes users can get back their NSF database & if the mailbox quota exceeds then they could Split NSF file. Hope this will definitely help users in fixing the size issue and will experience smooth working in IBM Notes.