How to Change Password in Lotus Notes or Reset NSF File Password?

Hello readers! We all know that Lotus Notes is a widely used email client across the globe. Lotus Notes uses NSF (Notes Storage Facility) format to store its data including email, task, journal, calendars, address book, etc. Passwords are really important to protect our confidential data from unauthorized access. So, these NSF files are password protected. However, there are chances that the password of the NSF files may be lost or forgotten. Therefore, in this case, we need to recover from this situation so that we can get back the access to data. If you also want to change password in lotus notes or reset the password then this guide will help you out. Let’s start with some definitions of Lotus Notes and NSF files.

Lotus Notes

IBM Lotus Notes is a client-server email client application that provides a platform for users where Lotus Notes works as the client Lotus domino as the server. Lotus Notes provides an easy-to-use interface, single point of access to everything you need to get your work done quickly, including email, tasks, calendars, feeds, business applications and more. 

NSF Files

NSF aka Notes Storage Facility is a file format used by Lotus Notes to store all data including emails, notes, tasks, journals, calendars, etc. These files can be password protected if they contain some sensitive data. 

Methods to Change Password in Lotus Notes or Reset NSF File Password

Lotus Notes creates a client id for every user which is stored in the default file saving location of Lotus Notes. Any time a user runs the Lotus Notes client application, the User Login dialog box prompts. Here the user has to fill their login credentials to access the NSF file. If in case, if the user forgot that login credential then he needs to change the Lotus Notes password. There are 2 methods available with us to reset the password. 

  1. Using IBM Notes Client
  2. Using Domino Administrator

Method 1-  Change password in Lotus Notes Using IBM Notes Client

Follow the below steps to change the password.

  • Firstly, launch Lotus Notes Email Client 9 and enter the login credentials to log you in to access Notes NSF file.
  • Now, Go to the menu bar >>File Menu>> Security option. 
  • Then, from the Security drop-down option, choose the User Security option.

Important Note: On choosing the User Security option, a pop up will appear on the screen to provide login details one more time.

  •  User Security wizard will appear, in the Your Login and Password Setting hit the Change Password button.
  • Now, again insert the password by which you logged in the starting. On Change Password wizard enter the new password in the Enter New Password field and confirm it in Re-enter new password field.

Important Note: By choosing the No Password button, the user can remove the password from the Lotus Notes client.

  • Lastly, Hit on the Ok button in Change Password window, and again click on the Ok button in the User Security dialog box.

The password has been successfully changed. Notes can be now accessed by using the newly created password. 

Method 2- Change password in Lotus Notes Using Domino Administrator

You can also change the password of the Lotus Notes using the Domino Administrator, for that follow the below steps. 

  • Firstly, Launch Lotus Notes Email Client in your system and provides a login Id and password.
  • Now, as you enter the wrong password, it prompts a Recovery window, there click on the Password Recovery option.
  • Then, select the Lotus Notes id file to reset the NSF password.
  • Now, choose one of the Recovery Administrator entities from the list and call them to help you with Recovery Password.
  • Then, simply give the 16 characters long Recovery Password provided by the administrator in the Enter Password field.

Important Note: On entering the recovery password correctly, your Id file will be unlocked to perform the resetting the Lotus Notes password process.

  • Lastly, enter the new password in the respective field and confirm it then click on the Ok button.

Hopefully, after using the above methods you will be able to recover from this issue. But, there are chances that you may not be able to recover from this password problem. In this case, you need to access these NSF files on some other platforms. This can be done by using the NSF to PST converter tool using which you can migrate your NSF files to Outlook without any hassle. This is a comprehensive and self-sufficient utility that will perform the conversion ensuring data security and data integrity. After that, you will be able to access your NSF files without any hassle. 

Final Verdict 

So, here in this blog, I have provided all the possible methods to solve the Lotus Notes password reset or change the password of the NSF files problem. Even after using those methods, if you are unable to recover from the password issue than it is recommended to use the above-mentioned tool. That all for this blog. I, hope this guide will help you out.