How to remove Duplicates NSF files?

Looking for a way to remove duplicates NSF files? In this blog, we are going to discuss 2 methods to delete duplicates NSF files.

Email client Lotus Notes, uses NSF as its storage file format. All the information of Lotus Notes is stored in NSF file formats. The information includes personal address book information of each account like contacts, connections, locations, etc. Due to lots of data, sometimes duplicates contacts generated in NSF files. These duplicates files need to be deleted because they consume the same space as other original contacts.

How duplicate contacts in NSF files are generated?

The problem of duplicates occurs when there are several contacts in an address book. Some other factors that lead to the formation of duplicate contacts are-

  • While merging, when you merge two or more NSF files of a single account of Lotus Notes are merged to create a single NSF file.
  • During importing an address book, when you import an address book of an employee to another employee’s address book.
  • While downloading the ” .nsf” file, named attachments in Lotus Notes account.

How to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes account is a little tougher to handle as compared to other email clients. The problem increases as the number of account increases. The duplicate contacts that generate consume the same space as consumed by other contacts. These unwanted contacts consume space which slows down the Lotus Notes performance and hence affects the productivity of a user. Methods to remove duplicate contacts are given below-

Methods to Remove Duplicate Contacts in Lotus Notes

The simple and basic method to delete the NSF duplicates is to select them individually and then delete them. This option is not feasible when there is a large number of contacts present in a single account. As it may consume a lot of time. Another option to find the duplicate contacts and delete them is by running Lotus scripts in the Domino agent written by Purna. However, these manual methods do not give satisfactory results. It is very difficult for a non-technical person to use the scripts.

Alternate Option for Removing Duplicate Contacts From Lotus Notes

The most effective way to remove the redundant contacts easily from the NSF files is by using a third-party software tool like NSF Merge Tool. The software merges multiple names “.nsf” files and generates a single NSF file after comparing the duplicate contact within the files and removing the same contacts. In case of emails also, the tool removes duplicate email from Lotus Notes NSF Files.

The software can combine several NSF files of many Lotus Notes accounts at a time, search for duplicate contacts among them, and generate a new NSF file removing the duplicate contacts. The software will first give options to add the NSF file either by file or folder.