Lotus Notes no sitemap found error- Resolved

Article Summary: In this blog, we’ll take into account the Lotus Notes no sitemap found error throwing light on the reasons that make it occur and the possible workarounds to resolve it.

Lotus Notes is an email client used for various business communications within an organization. But, like other email applications, it also returns errors. Generally, users face errors when there is some issue in the system. Unlike that, in Lotus Notes, an error occurs whenever there is an issue in the application. In the article, we are going to discuss one such frequent error which is, No Sitemap Found error in Lotus Notes.

Lotus Notes no sitemap found error is one of the most common errors which users face in Lotus Notes. Primarily, it occurs when the user tries to access the calendars, to do lists or the inbox from the Notes application.lotus notes no sitemap found error

Some common Lotus Notes error messages

Here, I am enlisting some most frequent error messages in Lotus Notes that are troublesome to the users.

  • No Sitemap Found
  • Entry Not Found in Index
  • Database has not been opened yet
  • Please see log for details
  • Database Corrupt – Cannot Allocate Space
  • Your current ID does not specify an Internal certificate for signing
  • Lotus Notes Unread Mail Count Incorrect Error

Out of the errors listed above, some are platform dependent. But, some might occur depending upon the situation. These errors commonly occur because of some corruption in the Lotus Notes database files or migration of data from lower to higher version of the Lotus Notes email application. Also, it may occur while synchronization of Lotus Notes data to Blackberry mobile device.

Causes of Lotus Notes no sitemap found error

Lotus Notes No Sitemap Found error primarily occurs when the user is unable to access and open the mailbox, calendar, to do list etc. Also, it might occur if the user tries to open the mail file while the previous sessions of the calendar or mailbox are still open on the same server. This error is reported as SPR WEBB6ZPMDS and occurs when the cache of application design is incomplete or cannot be used properly. Due to this, Lotus Notes become unable to build a sitemap for display. This cache is stored within the local cache.ndk. However, this error was fixed in the next release ‘Fix Pack 3’ for 8.0.2.

Methods to fix Lotus Notes no sitemap found error

The  Lotus Notes No Sitemap Found error can be fixed by dispersing the error message and then closing all the opened tabs of the mail file. Now, go to the workspace and restart the application.

There are numerous ways to solve the errors messages which occur in the Lotus Notes email client. As the mailbox items such as contacts, calendars, events, journals, to do lists are of much importance for business purposes. A user should opt a reliable and authentic application using which he/she can access the mailbox items without any hassles in the organization workflow. This professional software allows users to migrate mailbox data from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook. Using this solution, users can access their mailbox items by resolving Lotus Notes no sitemap found error.

Final Words

There are many times where Lotus Notes users receive Lotus Notes no sitemap found error whenever they try to open the mailbox data items on  Lotus Notes email client. In the above article, we have discussed how to troubleshoot Lotus Notes “No Sitemap Found” error. Also, the use of a professional third-party tool is portrayed which will really help the user to tackle the error.