Best Methods to Convert DXL to PST format.

DXL file format is used by IBM Domino Server and its an XML representation of Lotus Notes software data and design. The DXL files maintain the structural format of the Lotus Notes database components. The Domino is a server program for Lotus Notes and is used by several other business applications. The Lotus Domino is very expensive and also the maintenance cost of Lotus Domino is very high. Due to this many users head towards the Outlook email client want to convert DXL to PST format.

Since, Outlook is more cost-effective and offers all the essential features, desired by an organization. In this blog, we are going to discuss the method to convert DXL files to PST format.

Before discussing the method to convert DXL files, first let us discuss some common reasons why some users get shifted from Lotus Domino to Outlook. 

Some reasons to convert Lotus Domino DXL to Outlook PST format. 

  • Expensive- As we stated earlier the Lotus Domino is much more expensive than Outlook. It is highly expensive and has a pretty high maintenance cost. So, due to its cost, it becomes unaffordable for some organizations and results in DXL to PST migration. 
  • Features- Outlook is less expensive than Lotus Domino, that doesn’t mean it lacks in features. Outlook offers all the necessary and basic features that an organization seeks. In some cases, Outlook offers some advanced and amazing features as compared to Domino. 
  • Complex UI- Apart from cost, the software UI is the next thing that attracts a user. The Lotus Domino is a little more complex than Outlook and requires strong technical knowledge. On the other hand, Outlook has a clean UI and no additional technical knowledge is required to operate the Outlook. A user with some basic knowledge of MS Excel and Word can easily use the Outlook. 
  • Compatibility with accounts- In Lotus Domino software you cannot use different accounts at a time. In order to switch accounts or to use different accounts, you have to log in to the account separately. In Outlook you can use the multiple accounts at a time without separately log in.

How to convert DXL to PST format?

We have discussed the reasons to import DXL files to PST format, now let us discuss the methods for Lotus Domino conversion. 

There is no direct or manual procedure to convert DXL to PST format. To perform the conversion you have to use a dedicated DXL to PST converter tool. With the tool, you can easily convert the DXL files into PST format without any problem. Now let us discuss the working of this tool. 

Note:- Lotus Notes must be installed on your computer otherwise you cannot perform the conversion process. 

  • Simply click on the download link, and the tool will be downloaded in a few seconds.  “DOWNLOAD LINK
  • Once the tool is downloaded, run the tool and select the desired DXL files you want to convert. Then click “OK” to start the scanning process. 
  • After the scanning process clicks “OK” and you can preview the entire items that you want to convert. 
  • The preview is available in the tree-structure, now select the desired files you wish to convert in PST format. 
  • Once you have selected the files, a pop-up screen will appear, now select the desired fields, and click “OK”. 
  • A conversion process will start and will be complete in a few minutes.
  • After the process is completed click “OK”.

Benefits of using DXL Converter Tool-

Safe and Secure- The tool is absolutely secure and it maintains the data integrity during the conversion process. There is no data alteration or data loss during the conversion process. With this, you can convert all the items including design elements, documents, export schemas, views, forms, etc. 

  • Batch Conversion- If you have multiple Lotus Domino files then don’t worry, with this tool you can convert all those files in a single click. The tool is designed with the latest algorithm and supports bulk conversion feature. 
  • Export to other formats- If you have a different requirement and wants to convert DXL files to PST and other file formats, with this tool you can easily do it. You can convert Domino files into PST and other file formats like HTML, EML, MBOX, MSG, etc. without any issue. 
  • Fixes Corruption- Corrupted DXL files? Facing problem in accessing the files? Then don’t worry, with this tool you can easily open inaccessible DXL files as well. The tool scans the entire files and removes all types of minor corruption. 
  • Compatibility issue- There is no issue with the compatibility and you can use this tool on any version of Lotus Domino and Windows. There is no hindrance while the conversion process. 


In this blog, we have discussed the method to convert DXL files to PST format. With the help of a converter tool, you can easily convert the files without any issue. The tool is specially designed for this purpose and performs the conversion process without any problem.