How to solve the nnotesmm.exe error?

Before starting to discuss the nnotesmm.exe error, we should know, what is it? What are the causes behind this error? And how we can solve the error, in a convenient manner? Nothing to worry about, because I will give answers to all your questions in detail.

Basically, an error was encountered while opening a Window Lotus Notes. You get this error message when you exit the Lotus Notes Window abruptly.  There might be many reasons for the error to occur. Sounds interesting, keep reading to know more about the nnotesmm.exe error!

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What is nnotesmm.exe?

The Nnotesmm.exe is a type of EXE file which is developed by IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, it was mainly developed for the Windows-based Operating System and strongly supported by Windows version like Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista,  XP, ME and 2000.

Possible Causes for the nnotesmm.exe error to occur

The Lotus Notes code is always do unloading of nnotesmm.exe regularly.  But ntaskldr.exe unload which is expected besides it get loaded even when the Lotus Notes has crashed.

The nnotesmm.exe error can occur due to many possible reasons such as damaged or corrupt files, Invalid entries of files or may be due to some virus attack to the files. To be more specific with the causes I have listed some of the main causes here

  • Windows registry key which may get corrupt
  • Virus attack to IBM program files
  • Unwillingly files get deleted
  • Can occur because of shared referenced files

Manual steps to resolve nnotesmm.exe error smartly

Best troubleshooting steps to fix the Nnotesmm.exe are enlisted below. These steps may be time-consuming and little lengthy too, So I recommend you to follow the each and every step systematically in order.

Step1-  Do the complete scanning of the Computer system

Step2- Wipe out the Junk files and folders from the System

Step3- Update your PC

Step4-Uninstall and do Reinstall the IBM Lotus Notes program

Step5-Run Windows System File Checker

Step6- Install all new updates of Windows

If you find that nnotes.exe is not unloaded successfully, then go to the task manager of your operating system and do the end process,

  • Select (CTRL+ALT+DEL)
  • Go to Task manager
  • Select ntaskldr.exe or nnotesmm.exe
  • Click on End Process
  • Close the task manager
  • Exit

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