How do I Open an Outlook Archive file in Lotus Notes? -Learn How To

Do you want to open an Outlook archive file in Lotus Notes? Then this blog will help you in finding the solution for your concern. Go ahead!!

Numerous email applications were updated with technological development to meet the requirements of the users in every area. Nowadays, users have been asked to switch from the default email client to the IBM Notes program. This can be due to multiple reasons such as the need to change the organization, its advanced features and much more.

Now, many users fail to follow the file transfer process when it comes to export and open outlook archive emails without outlook. In addition, both MS Outlook and Lotus Notes store data in their respective file formats, i.e. Outlook store data in PST format, while IBM Notes are stored in NSF format.

Reasons & Requirement to Open Outlook Archive file With Outlook

You can however view your old archived Outlook  data files without Outlook. This blog discuss to help you open an Outlook Data (.pst) File with on a computer. There might reasons to adopt another email client like Lotus Notes; when you are shifting to another email client or have left your University and you an archived the old email with you for use on another computer.

Importance of opening PST file in Lotus Notes

  • As IBM Lotus Notes provides more security over data communication than MS Outlook. It consists of email, calendar management, appointment planner, etc.
  • Therefore, many organizations want to use IBM client-server architecture for a secure environment.
  • Lotus Notes provides many business requirements like workflow management, document management, etc.
  • All the data is centrally stored in the user’s database by Lotus Notes that allows the sharing of data within an organization.

So these all are the reasons for moving from MS Outlook to Lotus Notes. Now move further to know the procedure

How to Open an Outlook Archive file in IBM Lotus Notes?

Manual way to convert Outlook PST to Lotus Notes NSF as follows:

By nUpgarde.exe Freeware Utility

Notice: Confirm the following things before using the Notes upgrade wizard.

  • Instead of “Internet Mail Only” configure Microsoft Outlook workstation as Corporate or Workgroup.
  • MS Outlook must be set on the default mail application on the workstation.
  • Attached Outlook PST or PAB files to a profile on the workstation.
  • This nUpgrade software is part of the Notes Migration Tools and is installed by default in the local directory of the IBM Lotus Notes program.
  • First, you need to download this tool together with the lotus notes installation process.
  • Keep in mind that if you want to use nUpgrade, you need to download it with the Lotus Notes.

Migration of Outlook to Lotus Notes using Notes Upgrade Wizard

  1. Initially, open a Command Prompt and type exe. Hit Enter.
  2. By typing the directory path in nUpgarde change the Lotus Notes client program directory. To start the Note Wizard type exe3 command.
  3. Then you can see nUpgrade utility Wizard on your computer screen and then press the Next button to continue.
  4. Select the Outlook PST or PAB files that need to be exported into Lotus Notes. Press the Next button.
  5. Select the upgrade method. For selecting the items that you want to migrate into Lotus Notes or Express option, choose the Custom option to export all the files linked to a chosen Outlook profile and then hit on Next.
  6. To start the migration process in the Begin Upgrade Screen click the Finish button.

When the migration of the Outlook to Lotus Notes is complete, the nUpgrade utility will notify you. The Outlook files converted by the Lotus Notes Wizard will be shown as .nsf and Outlook contacts in the Personal Address Book as Names.nsf in a database folder view.

These all are the manual steps that you need to follow to convert outlook pst to lotus notes NSF. But sometimes these steps don’t work properly and some users want a direct way for solving “How to open archive files after importing Outlook files in Lotus Notes”. As there are many complexities occur during the process of conversion that’s why users want a direct way. So for this, we come up with a software named PST to NSF Converter to convert PST into NSF directly.

Final Thoughts

Depending upon the users’ changing requirements, they tend to switch from one to another to an email application. We have mentioned both the manual and a direct way to open an Outlook archive file into Lotus Notes NSF format. But it becomes a tedious task when done with manual methods. With the above-mentioned converter tool, you can export emails and open outlook archive file to Lotus Notes easily without facing any technical failures.