(Solved)Error Message “File Does Not Exist” Come While Opening Lotus Notes Mail

When we talk about Email Application for business to business communication the very first name comes after Outlook is Lotus Notes. Though it is very popular amongst all of us but unfortunately, file does not exist error in Lotus Notes faced by users have become most common they try to open their mail files.

The main reasons behind File does not exist error in Lotus Notes occur due to some random reasons. Let us check out the scenario or possibility of File does not exist occur, when and why?

  • During the time when you try to open your email
  • Sometimes during archiving of the emails
  • Basically, after upgrading the Lotus Notes and you try to launch it on your systems

If these many times File does not exist occur, then there could be more possible chances to have the strong reasons behind the issue. To tackle down with these errors, here in this blog I will cover both – REASONS and SOLUTIONS to the mentioned error. Let’s start with each scenario and analyze it and dig it deeper.

During the time when you try to open your email

When a user tries to open its Mailbox to view the emails in IBM Lotus Notes, Sometimes he/she gets an error message saying File does not exist in Lotus Notes.


  • No Internet Connection
  • You are not opening the valid email file or must be it is stored in a removable device
  • Maybe you are importing an attachment which is not in the directory


  • Check for Internet Connection
  • Remove the External drive, replace it and then open your mail
  • Check for the directory and its correct location
  • Check out the key files- names.nsf, bookmark.nsf, desktop.ndk, and all these files are saved in Notes/Data directory.

Sometimes during archiving of the emails

Basically, Notes users do archiving of the file to reduce the database size. By this way, they move their old and un-useful files in an archiving mode. But this process display file does not exist error in Lotus Notes.


The basic funda of this scenario of showing error message is NSF file is renamed or deleted from the directory while performing archiving.


Check the NSF files, are they missing or got renamed un-purposely. If it is so, then create a new NSF file or rename the existing file with the exact location

While Launching Notes after an Update


If the User is going to update the existing application with a new version, as a different user account. Then error will surely occur saying File does not exist because you need to log in with the same account profile by which it is installed.


Always install the new version with the same account and after it gets installed. Never forget to restart the IBM Notes application.

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