Best Way to Split NSF File into Multiple Smaller Parts

There are multiple reasons for users facing IBM Lotus Notes like large NSF Database and management issues, sometimes files cross their size limit which may lead to data corruption. So that the user needs to split the NSF file. In this blog, we will learn the effective solution to split NSF files so that you can smoothly manage your Lotus Notes emails without facing the corruption of your database. But first, let’s start with a summary of IBM Lotus Notes and its NSF database.

IBM Lotus Notes

IBM Notes is also known as Lotus Notes. It’s highly popular among businesses and individuals. It allows you to manage your emails, calendars, and contacts. If you’re using the Domino Server, you can also integrate IBM collaboration tools and business applications.

Lotus Notes users often face issues with file handling or management. Why? It’s just that the NSF database keeps growing day to day in size. When it reaches its maximum size, it starts to create problems. Anything large in size is always difficult to manage. If the NSF database is large, managing and maintaining it will be difficult. Now let’s look at how to Split NSF File.

Risks Factors of Large NSF Database

A large NSF database is always risky. Data corruption is a common issue in large NSF database files. It’s simply due to the size limitation of an NSF database file, 

which has a maximum size of 256 GB.

It is always difficult to manage large NSF databases because it leads to more time consumption and affects the performance of IBM Lotus Notes.

So the problem that comes up is how you can overcome the risk of a large NSF database. So in the next, you can learn How to deal with a large NSF database.

How to Deal with a Large NSF Database?

The simplest way to deal with a large NSF database is to compact and split it into multiple parts.

  1. Using  IBM Lotus Notes to compact the NSF database.
  2. Use the drag & drop feature to split your NSF Database

Compact NSF Database using IBM Software

The size of a file should be compact whenever it becomes large.if you think the file size is large then you can go for NSF Split option. It’s very easy to compress the NSF database. Follow these simple steps to compact the NSF database in IBM Lotus Notes.

  • Launch the application on your program.
  • Click on the File Tab > Database > Properties.
  • Now, click Properties and open (i) Information tab.
  • Click the Compact button.

This process will lead to successfully compacting your data. Now, one more thing left is a split NSF file.

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How to Split NSF Files?

There is no manual method to split the NSF database. To move items from one NSF database to another, you can use the Drag & Drop feature. This allows you to successfully move items from one NSF database to multiple NSF database files. Before using this trick, make sure to backup your original NSF database. Also, keep in mind that it could be a time-consuming task. A large amount of mailbox data will surely consume a lot of time if you use Drag & Drop to move it. The professional NSF Split software is your best bet if you need a quick solution.

NSF Split Software by NSFsecurityremover allows Lotus Notes users to divide their NSF database into multiple parts. As it can split NSF databases without changing the originals. This software allows you to manage NSF Database.

  1. Split  NSF databases according to their sizes;
  2. Either Split the NSF database by date;
  3. Or Split the NSF database by senders’ email IDs.

Before purchasing the premium version, download its demo version for a free evaluation. You can save the first 25 email items of each selected mailbox folder of the NSF database into new files by using the demo version of NSF Split software.

Key Takeaways

The purpose of this article is to provide you with satisfactory solutions. Here, we discussed the simplest and most effective way to Split NSF files but I personally recommend that there is no need to split NSF files. You can go through migrate NSF File also so you can use DRS NSF to PST Converter tool. That will make your file more pleasant and fast.