Fix the Lotus Notes error: Entry not found in index

Sometimes, when users try to access the data in the Lotus Notes, an error appears indicating the message “entry not found in index”. This hinders the user to work efficiently while accessing their useful data. In the blogs, we ’ll discuss this Lotus Notes ‘entry not found in index’ error and the possible resolution to fix it.

IBM Lotus Notes is one of the popular email applications that provide various services like emails, contacts, calendars, journals, events etc. It also facilitates the users to save contacts in address book, access the web server, programming etc. It creates the files in .nsf extension. These files are called as NSF ( Notes Storage Facility) files. The NSF files store all the mailbox data of the user.

What is Entry not found in index error in  Lotus Notes?

A major issue occurs that displays an error “Entry not found in index″ Lotus Notes while users try to open a document in Notes client.

However, the error can also be occurred as:

“Entry not found in index”

“ Entry not found in index or view’s index is not built”

Reasons behind Lotus Notes Entry not found in index error

This commonly occurring error in lotus notes arises due to some issues that regard to internal configuration files. Some of the issues are:

  1. Lookup formula issue:

There are chances that the Lookup formula you entered is incorrect. In such a scenario, Lotus Notes are unable to look the desired content and end up throwing an error. This also happens due to null or blank key value.

How to resolve this issue:

  • At first, refresh the Notes view using the F9 key.
  • If it doesn’t work to resolve the issue, use SHIFT+F9 to upgrade the view.
  • If the error still occurs, there must be a problem with the lookup formula.
  1. File corruption:

One more reason behind the Lotus Notes entry not found in index error may be the corruption of the data in NSF file. The NSF file is stored in the Notes directory that contains all the emails, contacts, calendars, journals, events etc. Users can create or recover the data from the permission of the administrator.

Repair Log.nsf files

Users can prevent their database from being corrupted or can repair the corrupted database using some manual ways to repair NSF files. IBM has an inbuilt fixup tool that can resolve the corruption issues. It can be done by compressing the database in the following manner.

  • At first, compress the Lotus Notes workspace so that the data will be better understood.
  • From the database, choose the Notes mails.
  • Now, right-click the mouse button for viewing the database.
  • Go to the Notes application and select the Properties option. After that press the “i” button.
  • At last, select the option “compact” to compress the chosen database.

Sometimes, this method for recovery or repair of corrupted NSF files does not work. Also, it is quite a tedious and complex task. So, it is recommended to use a professional NSF recovery software. Using this, users can migrate from Lotus Notes NSF files to Outlook PST.

Wrap up

In the post, I have covered the Lotus Notes ‘entry not found in index’ error. Various causes and relevant solutions to troubleshoot such errors have also been also discussed. However, the users can migrate to PST format which is more convenient than Lotus Notes. For this, users can take help of professional tool which repairs the corrupted NSF files and converts it to PST format. Hope the article helps.