Why do we need Migration of Lotus Notes to SharePoint? Know Here

IBM Lotus Notes is a well-renowned email client that offers a wide range of solutions for collaboration, information sharing, information management, and other related functions. We all are aware that we are moving into the era in which business requires better flexibility, security, scalable architecture, mobile workforces, collaborations, etc. With time Lotus Notes notes regularly add features like web support, RSS support, Instant messaging, blogs, etc. Even then businesses have been looking for a better and cost-effective alternative like SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange.

SharePoint is a document collaboration and development platform, Launched in 2001. It was launched by Microsoft, which works well as a content management system helping in carrying out the internal working of the Organisation.  

So, here in this blog, we will discuss the need for migration of Lotus Notes to SharePoint or why we should migrate our Lotus Notes data to SharePoint. 

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Why the migration of lotus notes to SharePoint?

Many organizations have been looking forward to migrating their Lotus Notes data to SharePoint as it offers more unified and cost-effective solutions than IBM Lotus Notes. Let’s discuss some of the major reasons for lotus notes to SharePoint migration. 

  • Systematically build and Refurbish your applications

We know that the development cycle in IBM is time-consuming and it’s hard to find resources. Hence, the non-code application Microsoft SharePoint solves this issue. This also allows enhanced powers in the hands of non-developers. 

  • Flexibility and Swiftness

The application must support businesses adapting to rapid transformations. Creating an application that takes years to assemble and adapt to requirements is no longer acceptable. Any type of modification to the new product line is time-consuming and cumbersome in Lotus Notes. 

  • Managing Applications all the way from Start to End

SharePoint provides useful insights related to the applications, leading to amplified efficiency and productivity. Reports and data are readily sharable.

  • Innovation

When Lotus Notes was launched, users regularly use to get new functionalities. But in the past decade, no significant modifications have been made. 

On the other hand, Microsoft is a big leader in the market of software. It regularly keeps on upgrading its products such as Office 365, Outlook, etc. With each release in an upgraded version of SharePoint, we can see a good amount of upgradations. 

SharePoint offers a variety of functionalities such as multiple view options, co-authoring, quick access and migration of data between Excel, SharePoint, and Access.

These above were the major reasons that compel the user for lotus notes to SharePoint migration. But during the migration process, there are chances that the NSF(Notes Storage Facility) files of Lotus Notes may get corrupted. So, in this case, we need to recover from the corrupted NSF files to be saved from the data loss. 

How to recover from Corrupted Lotus Notes NSF files?

There are chances that during the migration of lotus notes to SharePoint the NSF files may get corrupted. Recovering from this corruption is necessary as the data may get lost forever. So, we can use an NSF to PST converter tool that will help you out. The tool is developed using the most advanced algorithms that will recover from your corrupted files. Any computer novice user can this utility as it offers an intuitive graphical user interface that requires no prior technical knowledge.

Bottom Lines

So, today in this blog we have discussed the need for migration of Lotus Notes to SharePoint. I hope, you understood the superiority of SharePoint over Lotus Notes that lead us for doing this migration. But we also discuss that there are chances of Lotus Notes NSF files corruption. For recovering from that situation we have suggested a tool that will help out.