Troubleshoot – Mozilla Thunderbird Problems Sending Emails Error

Thunderbird is a free open source platform developed by Mozilla Corporation that functions as an email client, news client, RSS, and chat client. Thunderbird users have complete ownership over the email messages and offer numerous other benefits and functionalities.  But still, Thunderbird faces many problems and one of them is  Mozilla thunderbird problems sending emails which we will be covering in this blog.

“ I am receiving my Thunderbird emails properly but I am unable to send mails for the last two days. Whenever I try to send an email via Thunderbird it displays an error “Try again”. I contacted my ISP regarding this error, they just checked it out and said that nothing is wrong from their end. I am stuck in this problem and not able to find a solution for it? Can anyone help me out regarding this? “

If you also belong to the same category as this user then this blog will help you out. We will cover all the reasons behind this error and how to resolve it.

Reason behind Mozilla thunderbird problems sending emails

This error is faced by Thunderbird users because of server issues in the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). It is SMTP that manages the whole delivery system. This error comes up due to as the ISP hunks the outgoing ports as a guard against the connections, which are utilized to spread spam. Below is the screenshot containing the probable statement for this error. Errors list in Thunderbird

Methods to fix Mozilla thunderbird not sending emails problem

Here, We will discuss all the possible ways to recover from this error. Hopefully, after performing these methods Thunderbird users will be able to send messages.

Method 1 – Check the SMTP Email Outgoing Settings 

Mainly this error is caused when the SMTP settings are altered. By using this method user can find out the solution to the error.

  • Firstly, Launch Mozilla thunderbird> Click on the Tools tab.
  • Now select the Account Setting option from the menu list.
  • Select the Outgoing Server (SMTP) option.
  • Check whether the SMTP server setting is correct for the email account or not. 
  • Also, ensure email provider’s website and search for Mail Settings >> SMTP

Inspect the SMTP Settings being Use

Follow the below steps to check that the STMP setting used by the user is correct or not.

  • Firstly, open the Mozilla Thunderbird> Click Tools tab.
  • Select the Account setting and select the account name that is facing the error.
  • Now, check the SMTP server for the given e-mail id. Example mails for cannot send through Hotmail SMTP.

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Method 2 – Check email Blocking service

The antivirus and firewall installed in the system can also lead to the blocking of the send messages. Users can overcome this by following the below techniques.

  • First, send the email message without disabling the firewall or anti-virus and then sent the email message disabling the anti-virus. 
  • Also, many IPs block port 25 for sending emails. So, the user can ask the ISP for changing port 465 or 587.  

Method 3 – Delete Password from SMTP

One probable solution to this problem is deleting the email account password and then creating a new password. Follow the below steps to perform this action.

  • In Thunderbird select Tools>> Options
  • From Options wizard select Security > Password
  • Now, delete the password of SMTP password so that you can reconfigure the email account for solving the Mozilla thunderbird problems sending emails

Resetting the password can also work for Mozilla thunderbird not sending email issues. Follow the below steps to reset the format.

  • Launch Thunderbird and visit the ISP website. 
  • Click on Reset Password.
  • Now change the password and add this newly generated password to Thunderbird.

By performing the above methods users will be able to overcome the Mozilla thunderbird problems sending emails issue and will be able to resume sending message service without any hassle. 

Note- It is advisable to keep a backup of Thunderbird data from going for any approach since there are chances of data loss. Users can take backup of Thunderbird data in many formats like NSF Lotus notes or Outlook PST. 

Final Verdict

Here, we have all the possible ways to recover from Mozilla thunderbird problems sending emails error. Hopefully, this blog was able to solve your problem. Keep one important tip in mind to create a backup of your data before going for any solution.